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About Lilibird...

Happy, pretty, tasty..... describes our fantastic mix of products at Lilibird. 

"I always know I'll find something here when I need a gift!" is the statement we hear every day from happy customers. With gifts for everyone of every age, in a wide price range to suit anyone's budget, we strive to find interesting, attractive, quality products that anyone would be pleased to give to a friend or loved one, or buy as a gift to themselves.  Pop in soon to check it out...we'd love to see you!


If you've never heard of a light-up room it's time to visit Lilibird because we have an entire room that's dimly lit to show off everything that lights up!  And at Christmas it's a wonderland of glitter, light-up LED pictures,  swirling snowglobes with snow or glitter in them, lanterns, flameless candles, and everything else you could possibly think of to give as a gift or use in your own home or cottage.  Pop in soon to check it out!

I'm ready! Tell me where you are!

Right there! That dot on the map below! Excitement!
9 Ontario Street,
Bracebridge, Ontario
P1L 2A7
Right around the corner from the main street, in downtown Bracebridge, by the falls and bridge.

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